Favorite Acoustic Versions / Covers

If you’re looking for some upbeat and fun electro-based songs, you may turn to David Guetta’s greatest hits. Or maybe some radio favorites, like “Sexy and I Know It” by LMFAO or “We Found Love” by Rihanna. But I bet you’ve never heard them played like this before…

The acoustic covers of these songs are my favorite to listen to when I’m just relaxing and trying to unwind. I love how an acoustic version can totally change the meaning and feel of a song. Check out some of my favorite reworked and unplugged versions of some popular songs and let me know which one you like better – the original or acoustic!


Passion Pit – Sleepyhead Live at Waterloo. Find the album version here.

Noah – Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO Blues cover. Find the LMFAO Album version here.

Ed Sheeran – We Found Love by Rihanna. Find the Rihanna version here.

Madilyn Bailey – Titanium by David Guetta ft. Sia. Find the David Guetta version here.

Jason Evigan – Cinema (Skrillex Remix). Find The original Benny Benassi  – Cinema (Skrillex Remix) version here.


Daily Thought #2

Gratefulness – (Noun) feeling or showing thanks, appreciative of benefits received

I will do my best not to develop this into a rant, but no promises. Something I think many people today are lacking is the gracious quality of gratefulness.

This lack of gratuity by society in general, I believe, is due in part to the fact that we are unable to acknowledge the gifts we are given every day – both physical and intangible. It is today’s materialistic culture that influences our attitudes and desires – we need the newest products, the coolest electronics, the most high-end goods. It’s like wanting more “stuff” is engraved in our brains. It is so easy for people to go about their lives wanting and striving for more, instead of taking a moment to appreciate what they have already achieved. Don’t get me wrong – focusing and working towards improvement is very important as well. But at what cost? Who and what will be forgotten while you’re busy forgetting about what is already yours? I think people get too caught up in wanting things that they don’t have, instead of being grateful for what they do.

Another aspect of this overall lack of gratefulness is the concept of entitlement. I see people every day who receive favors or common courtesies but are too blinded by their own snobbiness to appreciate it. Didn’t your parents teach you to say thank you? Or are people just expected to do nice things for you without showing some kind of gratitude in return? In my previous post Manners are Manly, I talk about how having manners is a very attractive quality for a person to have, and oppositely, having a lack of manners just makes you seem rude. Unattractive. Ignorant.

At the risk of sounding like an unrealistic and perpetual optimist, I just would one day love to live in a world where people are happy and appreciative of the things they have. When someone goes out of their way to make things a little easier for you, tell them you actually appreciate it – positive reinforcement will give them a reason to do it again. One of the best feelings in the world is when you feel like someone appreciates and is thankful for you. Maybe it’s just me, but it’s one of those things that gives my life meaning – like you’re actions and existence do matter to someone, even if it’s a small act of opening the door or holding the elevator.

It’s almost Thanksgiving. Everyone talks about what they’re thankful for on that day, but why don’t we ask ourselves that every day? If you’re not dead in the ground, isn’t there something you can be grateful for?


Social Media – Making Us Less Social

The dependance our culture has now placed on technology and social media is astounding. Due to this societal change, businesses have also had to adapt and enter into a new mindset, where the marketplace is in many ways much less personal, but at the same time, more personal. I think it is a really interesting and exciting new industry and that is why I want it to be part of my career.

There are of course negative impacts on the individual that are already being analyzed by social scientists. People are becoming too dependent on technology, and are more comfortable in cyber interaction than real-life, interpersonal conversation. This article and video from Elite Daily puts things into perspective.

I think it is really important to have a healthy balance of technology in your life. As with so many things, moderation is the key to being healthy and happy!


Comfort in the Unfamiliar

The experience I had in London in the summer of 2012 was life changing. I had the opportunity to study abroad in the beautiful city for three weeks, living, traveling and learning. It was, by far, the best decision I have ever made for myself in my life.

I had traveled abroad before, each time with family or organized group (Italy with family, Spain and France with Spanish/French high school class, Mexico with family and neighbors). But this was my first time abroad alone. I was free to do whatever I wanted, unrestrained by the wants or opinions of others. I felt so independent and invincible; not in a dangerous way, but in a liberated and confident way.


Me at Stonehenge in England

I met some of the most amazing people there as well. They were from all over the country as well as the world. We traveled, learned, and explored together. I made connections to amazing people in California, Arizona, Chicago, Florida, Russia, England, Switzerland, and Denmark. Even though we were so close for the few weeks we were together, there is a good chance we will never see each other again. Regardless, these kids and I shared a life-changing ride and that will tie us together forever.

I’ve said this before, and think it was during my study abroad trip that it became a cemented foundational personal belief, but until you are put in a completely unfamiliar situation, you will never find your true self.


The End of a Decade

There are very few activities and interests I can honestly say I have stuck with for the last 10 years. I watched Survivor with my mom for half a decade, when it was still somewhat interesting. I only kept up with Myspace for a few years. My longest relationship to date was 13 months. Piano class… that lasted a mere 9 months.

Lacrosse, however, was a bit different. There has not been a single spring season in the last decade that I haven’t spent on the field. Countless hours of pain and exhaustion, but many more of strength and pride. I’ve gained friends, learned priceless life lessons from coaches, and made great personal and professional connections. I’ve won championships, and I’ve lost championships. Some of my teamates will most certainly be in my wedding. Nothing compares to the overwhelming pride you feel taking that warm up lap, under the lights, music blasting, wearing that school uniform. I’ve been part of 3 undefeated regular season teams. I’ve been a player, a coach, a referee, and a manager.


Meghan, Shannon, Ashton, Shelby, Katelyn and I at the 2013 National Championship

2014 is the first year I will be merely a spectator.

On Wednesday evening at a late night fallball practice, I tore just about every crucial ligament in my knee. I was doing a 1v1 face dodge move and heard not one, but two awful pops that still echo in my head. As I layed on the field, I was just as pained by the shredded ligaments as I was at facing the very real fact that I would never play lacrosse for Salisbury University again.

It has been quite a struggle, both physically and mentally, the last few days. I am so thankful that my teamates and family have been so supportive and helpful during this dificult time and although it is not the way I expected to finish my lacrosse career, I do keep an open mind to the new doors that will open for me.